Set in Wyoming, this is a page-turning thriller.

Long Range is Book 20 in C.J. Box’s Joe Pickett series and was published last year.

Pickett is a Fisheries and Game Warden in Wyoming and a key feature of the series is the wonderful descriptions of nature and wildlife. You really do get a feel for the country and landscape, and in many of the stories the terrain and wildlife play a major role.

This novel begins with the attempted assassination of a local judge. When the judge moves at the critical moment, the high-velocity bullet intended for him instead hits his wife, severely wounding her. All the local law enforcement officers, including Joe Pickett, are called in to track down the shooter.

The local Sheriff soon discovers that the judge has a long list of enemies, so Joe gets more deeply involved in the investigation because of his knowledge of the legitimate and unlicensed gun holders in the area.

The would-be assassin seems to have taken an impossibly long shot, so it’s not long before the FBI are looking for someone with sniper training; and perhaps inevitably, one of Joe’s friends, Nate, an ex-special forces operative and now local woodsman and falconer, becomes a suspect. Fake evidence that implicates him in the crime has been planted on his remote ranch, so the hunt for the gunman soon becomes personal for him and Joe.

This is a really excellent thriller. I enjoyed the setting of the story (Jackson Hole, Wyoming), and the final reveal of the assassin and motive was completely unexpected. Absolutely worth every one of 4-Stars.
Review by: Oxo

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