This trilogy is part of the Lego Ninjago Readers series for children aged 5-9 years.

In the Lego Ninjago series, the Dark Island Trilogy is my favourite because there is a lot of fighting. The characters have special powers. Jay has lightning power. Nia has water power. Cole has the power of the earth and can lift up the ground. Lloyd has the power of the first Spinjitzu master and the power of green energy.

In the books the characters train in Spinjitzu. When they choose video games instead of training Master Wu tells them “Don’t hold off ‘til tomorrow what you can do today.” They fight many villains, including water monsters, angry gorillas, giant sea creatures, pirates, and stone warriors. The characters face many villains but they stick together as a team. I liked these books so much I give each of them 5-Stars!
Review by: Roger (age 6)