A thriller we couldn’t put down.

We were lucky to be given enough copies of The Pact by Sharon Bolton so we could all read it at the same time and discuss it when we met. And it gets a solid thumbs up from everyone.

The novel begins with six clever friends who, while waiting for their exam results, meet, get drunk and try to complete a dare that goes tragically wrong after five successful attempts. One of the six – Megan – offers to take the blame and let the others get on with their lives, as long as they each agree to do her a favour when she is released from prison.

Twenty years pass and the five friends are all successful and well-to-do, so when Megan is freed and starts to ask the favours, none of them is quite so keen to keep to their side of the bargain. And that’s when their pact begins to unravel.

Our verdict
This is a story of friendships tested beyond breaking point. The over-privileged teenagers who make the pact have turned into over-privileged adults who still refuse to accept responsibility or understand the consequences of lying. And Sharon Bolton is brilliant at racking up the tension, so even if the plot sometimes feels a bit preposterous, the characters have you caught so firmly by the throat you can’t put the book down.

This is definitely a thriller of note. The twists and turns keep you guessing and the final twist catches you totally by surprise. The fact that none of us rated it less than 4-Stars, pretty well says it all.