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For many of us, our reading habits have broadened and changed over the past few months, because if you love books there are so many options available — for reading and listening. So this is where we share some of the book-related links we recommend. From where to find cheap or free e-books to book-related podcasts. We hope you find something you’ll enjoy.

Northamptonshire e-Library

The free e-library provides e-books, e-audiobooks, newspapers and magazines to download. You’ll need your library card number and PIN number to sign up. For information about the e-library click here.

To borrow e-books and e-audiobooks, use the free BorrowBox and Libby services. Find out more here.

Pressreader offers free access to thousands of e-newspapers and e-magazines. Click here.

If you want to join the e-library as a new customer click here.

If you’re a member of the library already but have forgotten your PIN number click here

Free (or very cheap!) e-Books

Although it’s just another e-book reader and shop app, the way it’s laid out makes it very user-friendly and much easier to find free books. Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up for an account, just tap on the menu option ‘Free eBooks’ and you can then browse free books by genre.
It’s an American website but it works in the UK. They’re not a bookshop but they pull together special offers and free books from lots of other e-book and e-audiobook sellers. It’s free to register and set your preferences for the types of books you like to read. They’ll then email you with offers they think you might be interested in. Special offers can start from as little as 99p upwards. But remember, it’s an American site so by default it searches for American booksellers. So when you register make sure you switch to UK ones.

Project Gutenberg
The best place to find old books that may even be out of print. Thousands of volunteers all over the world are scanning in copies of long-forgotten, out-of-copyright books. It’s not easy to find your way around the site but persevere. If you want to read a book on a PC or laptop download it as plain text or read it online (HTML). For smartphones or tablets you want the EPUB version.

About books

Fantastic Fiction
We think this is one of the best book websites, and it covers children’s fiction too. Don’t be daunted when you see it has bibliographies for over 500,000 fiction authors because you can browse in so many different ways. And the Author Book Recommendations are a great way to find new writers to read.

We all know about the giant online booksellers, but did you know about Hive? It’s a UK online bookseller that also helps local independent bookshops. When you buy from Hive you can choose an independent bookshop to support (anywhere in the country) and Hive will pay them a commission on your order.  Supporting your local bookshop couldn’t be easier!

The Helpful Book Company
This UK company specialises in reference books. Everything from teach-yourself technology books to titles on Life, Health and Money.

  • You can subscribe to their free e-newsletter which has helpful tips, tricks and advice for PC, Tablet and Smartphone novices in plain, simple English.
  • If you join their Tech Inner Circle you get access to a library of e-books and booklets about tech stuff from Backing up Demystified to How to Control Your Tablet.

For reading suggestions:

FOOL Book Reviews
Our Crime Fiction Book Group regularly write book reviews for this website. So if you enjoy mysteries and thrillers and are looking for something to read (or a new author to try) take a look here.

100 Novels that Shaped Our World
A list of 100 genre-busting novels chosen by a panel of writers, curators and critics for BBC Arts. Find the list here.

View the 2020 International Booker Prize website here.
Find the 2020 Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist here.
And for a year of books from Radio 2’s Book Club in 2019, click here.


BBC Sounds
An obvious choice maybe, but BBC Sounds lets you download podcasts and programmes from all the BBC radio channels. There’s a huge selection of book dramatisations, plays and serials as well as programmes like Book of the Week.
It’s free – you just need to register or sign in.

Otherwise there are loads of book podcasts available out there. Here are a few suggestions.

And especially for children:

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